Nickel Droplets

BASF provides a variety of catalysts that optimize oil and fat hydrogenation in a conventional batch hydrogenation process. BASF's Nysosel® catalysts are effective, nickel-based precipitated catalyst powders on proprietary supports, coated in fully hardened vegetable oil and formed into pastilles for ease of handling. BASF is producing its edible oil catalysts at the highest standard as required for processing food stuff.

BASF's Nysosel® and Nysofact® catalysts

Discover our Nysosel® and Nysofact® catalysts for a wide range of applications. 

  • Edible Oil Hydrogenation: Nysosel®  series catalysts
  • Fatty Acid Hydrogenation: Nysofact® series catalysts
  • Fatty Amines Hydrogenation: Nysofact® series catalysts
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Products available

Nysosel®  800/810/820

  • Very active full hydrogenation catalyst with a nickel content ranging from 16.5 to 21% with a very good cost/benefit ratio.

Nysosel® 880

  • With its 11.5% nickel content Nysosel 880 has the lowest nickel content on the market but concurrently is setting the market standard with regard to full hydrogenation activity for CBR feedstock.

Nysosel® 645

  • High selective catalyst for partial hydrogenation with low trans fat formation.

Nysofact® 120

  • Perfectly suited catalyst for full hydrogenation of fatty acids from animal, marine or vegetable origins.

Nysofact® 117

  • Catalyst with excellent resistance against nickel leaching in an acid environment.

Nysofact® 237

  • Nysofact® 237 is specifically developed to hydrogenated secondary fatty nitriles to secondary fatty amines in a slurry process. It is coated in a fully saturated secondary amine to make it easy ad safe to handle.