Sustainable road construction with B2Last®

You are looking for both a sustainable and high performing bitumen additive? BASF developed an intelligent and innovative bitumen modification that helps you to significantly reduce CO2 and bitumen emissions and makes roads more durable.


Be it an increasing heavy load traffic or more extreme weather conditions because of climate change - today, roads and streets must fulfill different requirements. Additives for bitumen play a decisive role in the durability of asphalt. At the same time, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions are of high importance for road construction.

With B2Last®, BASF has developed an innovative bitumen additive that combines both asphalt performance and sustainability: temperature-reduced paving with a high recycled asphalt content and good workability, significantly lower bitumen and CO2 emissions and longer lasting roads. B2Last® is the bitumen additive for sustainable road construction.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced CO2-emissions along production process – 30-40 °C lower asphalt mix production and laydown temperatures (warm mix asphalt)

  • Occupational health and safety - B2Last® makes work safer, bitumen emissions below 1,5 mg/m³ achievable

  • Saving primary resources – enables high contents of reclaimed asphalt at an excellent workability of the asphalt mix, also at reduced laydown temperatures

  • Fast & easy asphalt modification directly at mix plant.
  • Saves bitumen silo capacity
  • Lower storage temperature for bitumen possible
  • Easy product storage and dosage

  • Only 2-3 % additive needed
  • High flexibility - asphalt performance on demand
  • Simple adjustment of performance by additive amount
  • Plant capacity is maintained

  • Enables 30-40°C lower asphalt laydown temperatures
  • Makes work safer - up to 65 % less bitumen emissions
  • Allows high recycled asphalt contents
    and maintains excellent workability

  • Reduces CO2 emissions along whole process chain
  • Superior rutting behavior and fatigue resistance across broad temperature range
  • Makes roads last longer

Environment Health and Safety


Bitumen aerosols and vapors (bitumen emissions) 
B2Last® enables asphalt mix production and laydown temperatures below 140 °C (warm mix asphalt) and thereby reduces bitumen aerosols and vapors by up to 65% (depending on measuring point) – for workers walking beside the paver the occupational exposure limit of 1.5 mg/m³ can be fulfilled.


Product Safety
We value the health and safety of people above all else – introduction to product handling and emission monitoring with customers at every plant trial. Several large scale paving trials and more than 12 km paved roads confirm: B2Last®-related emission levels are far below occupational exposure limits.

Our solution for sustainable road construction

  • Reduced asphalt mix production and laydown temperatures at still high reclaimed asphalt ratios while maintaining asphalt performance and its excellent workability

  • Less energy needed for heating bitumen, aggregates and reclaimed asphalt

  • Occupational health & safety – less bitumen emissions, B2Last® makes work safer

  • Enables high reclaimed asphalt ratios – saving primary resources

  • Increased road life time – excellent rutting behavior and fatigue resistance across broad temperature range

How B2Last® works

B2Last® crosslinks bitumen components to form a polymeric network. It makes asphalt stiffer and thereby boosts the rutting and fatigue behavior at high service temperatures. In addition, the formed polymeric network provides enough elasticity to deliver excellent crack resistance at low service temperatures.

Interaction with paving grade bitumen

B2Last® reacts with bitumen components and forms a strong elastic polymer network

B2Last® becomes part of the polymeric network and is fully consumed during the crosslinking reaction

Interaction with reclaimed asphalt (RA) bitumen (aged)

B2Last® reactively crosslinks virgin bitumen and aged RA-bitumen

Components of aged RA-bitumen have more functional groups which serve as anchors for B2Last®

The interconnectivity provides an excellent asphalt mix workability and allows the use of high RA contents

Our know-how and services for you

As a leading chemical company, BASF has the expertise and experience to improve the quality and processing of bitumen and asphalt in a unique, innovative and customer-oriented way. 

Asphalt laboratories and partnerships

BASF has profound asphalt know-how around the globe and asphalt labs in North America and Europe.

BASF has global partnerships in academia and the asphalt industry.

Technical service teams

We support our customers with B2Last®-related plant modifications and implementations.

Our teams make B2Last®-plant trials happen with a customized mobile dosing unit. Just contact us. 

Succesful pilot

The new additive has already been tested under real life conditions: over 12 kilometers of public road have been paved in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and Kentucky in the United States. The modified asphalt has displayed excellent characteristics during both mixing and application.


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