Bulk Chemicals

Already since the company’s foundation of more than 150 years ago, our bulk chemicals are an integral part of BASF’s portfolio. These classics full of tradition are the basis for many of our specialties. Also on its own, each bulk chemical is based upon complex technical processes. Thus, it is even more important that BASF is a partner you can rely on.

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Hydrogen Chloride 

Hydrogen chloride is a compressed and thereby liquefied gas which is mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It serves as a catalyst in numerous applications or as acid or chlorination agent. Hydrogen chloride by BASF always meets highest quality and technical standards.

Hydrochloric Acid 

As one of the most important bulk chemicals, hydrochloric acid is used in various applications. It serves for the processing of ores as well as for the manufacturing of leather. Furthermore, hydrochloric acid is applied in the chemical industry. BASF offers hydrochloric acid in various grades, meeting always highest purity standards.

Nitric Acid 

Nitric acid is a strong oxidation agent. As such, it is an important raw material for the chemical and fertilizer industry. Nitric acid is mainly used for fertilizer production of ammonium sulfate and for the production of luminescent substances and pure nitrates. BASF supplies various concentrations from 53% - 99%.

Potassium Sulfite Solution 

Potassium sulfite solution is mainly used as reducing agent for the photographic industry as well as for the water treatment. BASF offers an aqueous solution containing 45% potassium sulfite that is also ISO 5990-2000 certified.

Soda Ash 

Soda is an important basic material and auxiliary for various applications. From bleaching in paper and textile industry to the glass and silicate industry or diverse processes in the chemical industry – soda ash and sodium carbonate by BASF always meet highest quality standards.

Sodium Bisulfite Solution

As a reducing agent, Sodium Bisulfite Solution 38-40% Technical Grade is an important basic product for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, it might be applied in water treatment and in the textile- and leather industry.
An der Ladestelle der BASF im Reisholzer Hafen in Düsseldorf legen pro Jahr 250 bis 280 Schiffe an. In den Tanks werden Palmkern- und Kokosöl gelagert. (Foto: BASF)

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Sodium hypochlorite solution is used as an oxidation agent, as well as for cleaning and disinfection purposes. With sodium hypochlorite solutions, paper, cellulose and textiles may be bleached. Furthermore, it is ideally suited for the chlorination of swimming pools. Sodium hypochlorite solution by BASF always meets the highest quality and technical standards.

Sulfiric Acid

Sulfuric acid, one of the most important bulk chemicals, is used in various applications from the fibers and chemical industry to the metal working, leather and textile industry. BASF offers sulfuric acid only in river barge shipments.