Hydrosulfite / Blankit® - Our quality for your success 

Hydrosulfite and Blankit® are white, microcrystalline powders with a sodium dithionite (Na2S2O4) as main component. They serve mainly as a bleaching or reducing agent for applications in textile, paper or mineral industry.


BASF knows all about paper manufacturing – a fact which enables us to provide Hydrosulfite / Blankit® products tailor-made for the industry’s specific needs.

Thus, we focus not only on the bleaching processes we examine processes from start to finish - from energy use to waste water disposal. With Hydrosulfite / Blankit®, you may replace an expensive raw material such as cellulose with a cheaper one like waste paper. Thereby, you reduce costs and preserve the environment.

An additional benefit: The sensitive Hydrosulfite / Blankit® bleach does not only help to protect the environment – thanks to a reduced number of impurities, the paper fibers are also protected.

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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Fiber sparing and environment-friendly
  • Broad product range for a huge variety of applications

Hydrosulfite by BASF – A success story since more than 100 years

In 1904, the BASF-researcher Max Balzen developed the first stable hydrosulfite worldwide. To date, BASF is still known as the technology leader and largest producer of hydrosulfite in Europe.

TÜV Rheinland has conducted the analytical conformity assessment at BASF and completed the on-site audit according to ZDHC MRSL Level 3. To achieve this, companies must meet stringent requirements in various areas, including health and safety management, waste and air emissions management including EHS, supplier management, quality management systems and toxicological risk assessment

Specialist Certifier Steffen Tümptner

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