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One answer: Adlite®

A flexible and efficient solution for your thermomechanical pulp treatment

Due to its unique combination of selective chemistry & pulping technology Adlite® offers the most extensive and flexible range of solutions for an efficient thermomechanical pulp treatment.

As a flexible all-in-one solution Adlite® can improve your pulp treatment significantly in several areas.

With its unique wide range of benefits, Adlite® is the answer to several of your needs. It offers a brightness gain comparable to oxidative bleaching. Combined with a higher wood yield, substantially lower energy consumption and less demand of chemicals in the entire production process from stock preparation to wastewater treatment. In addition, Adlite® will allow you to optimize your production process and your cost structure, while giving you extra degrees of freedom to design paper grades.

Your benefits

  • Safe & easy handling
  • More process stability
  • Outstandingly cost effective
  • Increased strength
  • Optimized resource efficiency
  • New paper & board grades


Adlite® is the first reductive solution to offer a degree of brightness comparable to oxidative bleaching while keeping the uniformity of the wood fiber intact. Reductive bleaching alone will give you an increase in ISO brightness by approximately 20 % and the option to tap into new markets in much more cost-effective ways.

The resulting brightness will always be exactly the one you are aiming for because Adlite® reliably delivers consistent quality. Impacts of seasonal variations and a need for optical                                                                                                                         brighteners are considerably reduced. 
The application of Adlite® at the high  consistency refiner stages and reductive post-bleaching will increase ISO brightness of your TMP by approximately 20 %.


Adlite® facilitates a smooth separation of the fibers out of the wood structure. As a result, the strength of your final product increases significantly, giving you the option to use higher amounts of filler or less cellulose while saving fibers and raising your production at the same time. Due to the reliably high paper quality complaint rates will drop.


Whereas the oxidative process requires the handling of various additional chemicals, Adlite® just adds just one substance to your paper production. The delivery in IBCs guarantees the safe and easy handling and integration into your process. Just connect the container to a dissolving unit and from there Adlite® will be dosed into your refiner. No additional equipment is required, lots of time is being saved.

Ease of implementation through low invest and equipment effort.


Since Adlite® offers high selective reaction control, no unwanted side reactions occur during the process. This avoids corrosion and deposits and your refiners run flawlessly with higher productivity for a longer period of time. The quality of your final product is much less dependent on the quality of the wood. Consequently, intended paper specifications like brightness or strength can be achieved more reliably, increasing the percentage of top quality outcome.


Resource efficiency is a key requirement in any field of production. Because Adlite® preserves the wood fiber during the milling process, the desired paper strength can be achieved with less energy and wood consumption.

The same goes for the bleaching process: more ISO brightness for less energy. In contrast to oxidative bleaching there is no need for any additional process chemicals like hard chelating agents. In general, Adlite® makes it much easier to meet environmental requirements.


Up until now, the only way to gain 20 % in ISO brightness was to implement oxidative bleaching. However, the investment costs surpass any financial effort to implement Adlite® by several orders of magnitude. With Adlite® amortization is a matter of months.

In addition, Adlite® reduces the cost of ownership considerably. Paper manufacturers spend less on raw material, energy and water treatment.


When demands change, your portfolio should do the same. Adlite® allows you to adapt to markets or to explore new paper or board grades with existing equipment. It supports flexible changes in your product portfolio with a low safety stock while still keeping the security of supply up.

Adlite® complies to leading environmental certification standards.

TÜV Rheinland has conducted the analytical conformity assessment at BASF and completed the on-site audit according to ZDHC MRSL Level 3. To achieve this, companies must meet stringent requirements in various areas, including health and safety management, waste and air emissions management including EHS, supplier management, quality management systems and toxicological risk assessment

Specialist Certifier Steffen Tümptner

TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH