Isocyanates and Polyols

Polyiso and Rigid Foam Insulation

With outstanding thermal properties, rigid foam insulation made of polymeric MDI (pMDI) brings energy efficiency to buildings and appliances.

Polyisocyanurate boards (also known as PIR or polyiso) and rigid polyurethane foam are highly durable and best-in-class options for thermal insulation in the construction industry and in appliances. Because of increasingly stringent energy standards and trends towards a sustainable approach to energy use, these products have experienced considerable growth in recent years. With excellent R-values and ease of installation, polyiso boards and rigid polyurethane foam are in fact key drivers of energy efficiency in many applications. 

Rigid foam insulation based on polyurethane chemistry can be found in the following areas: 

  • Commercial roof systems (polyiso boardstock)
  • Commercial buildings (structural insulated panels, metal-faced panels, spray foam)
  • Walls and floor insulation
  • Appliances such water heaters, domestic refrigeration products and commercial refrigeration (rigid polyurethane foam).