Polyamides and Intermediates

Ultramid® Ccycled

Sustainable solutions with Ultramid® Ccycled

High quality polyamides supporting the use of recycled feedstock from plastic waste


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Raw material source

Household mixed plastic waste (Post Consumer) 

Scrap tires

(Post Consumer) 

Polyamide production waste 

(Post Industrial) 

Method Pyrolysis Pyrolysis Cracking process
Possible claims for customer applications* 
  • Contributes to the Circular economy
  • Closes the packaging loop
  • For this product less fossil primary raw materials are used 
  • CO2 savings compared to energy recovery 
  • For this product less fossil primary raw materials are used 
  • Upcycling in a circular economy  
  • CO2 savings compared to energy recovery
  • For this product less fossil primary raw materials are used 
  • CO2 savings compared to energy recovery 
Target industry  Packaging  Textiles, carpets, automotive  Filaments, Construction 

Certified by independent

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*Claims subject to legal review by user. 


Your benefits

  • Chemical recycling currently makes use of hard-to-recycle mixed plastic waste materials such as end-of-life car tires or mixed household waste.
  • The recycled feedstock is fed in at the beginning of the production network as a drop-in solution.
  • You do not need to change/adapt your production equipment and processes. Ccycled products are certified mass balanced products.
  • Virgin quality: suitable for food contact packaging with high hygiene requirements.
  • Ccycled products can be used in the same applications as the recycled plastic waste (e.g. packaging).



Customer stories


Food waste is responsible for approximately 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Functional plastic packaging is part of the solution for preventing this waste and eliminating it completely would result in even higher levels of food waste. This is why a more comprehensive approach is required. This is why a more comprehensive approach is required. 

Dr. Paul Neumann
Dr. Paul Neumann