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Polyamides for Fibers: 
Tailoring fabric to your imagination

Yarns made from Ultramid® spinning polymers are the basis for clothing, sportswear, floor coverings, industrial yarns etc. With the different grades in the Ultramid range, we are able to meet these special requirements.


This polymer is like no other. Tight tolerances in viscosity and amino end groups, together with excellent melt stability, guarantee optimum homogeneous spinning and are the basis for even dyeing and problem-free texturing. Ultramid® supports a smooth, consistent spinning process.

The collaboration is part of BASF’s ChemCyclingTM project which focusses on chemically reprocessing post-consumer plastic waste on an industrial scale. The pyrolysis oil is fed into the BASF Verbund in Ludwigshafen, thereby replacing fossil resources. The share of recycled raw material is allocated to certain products manufactured in the Verbund by using a third-party audited mass balance approach. The products which carry the name suffix “CcycledTM” have the exact same properties as those manufactured from fossil feedstock. Customers can therefore further process them in the same way as conventionally manufactured products and use them in applications with high demands regarding quality and performance, such as automotive parts.

Quality management is an integral part of BASF’s corporate policy. Customer satisfaction concerning products and services is an essential objective of this policy. In all production sites worldwide the Polyamide and Intermediates Business Unit of BASF has a process oriented quality assurance system, which has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

BASF’s quality assurance system for Ultramid® polyamides includes all stages, from development, production, packaging and distribution to marketing and sales. We ensure also the proper functionality and further development of our quality management system by constantly improving its procedures, processes and products.

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