Technical Salts

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Since more than 100 years, BASF is producing technical salts for various applications. As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF meets highest standards at any time – especially regarding purity and reliability. The extraordinary broadness of our product range is a result of our unique network, the so called “Verbund”. It enables us an ideal use of raw materials and resources – to our customers’ benefit.


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Aluminum Chloride

Aluminum chloride is used as catalyst or as a component of catalytic systems for various chemical reactions. Just like ferric chloride, aluminum chloride is a low Lewis acid. Furthermore, aluminum chloride serves as an auxiliary in the manufacturing of pigments, dyes and colorants as well as in the paper and textile industry. BASF provides ground and screened aluminum chloride, both are water free.

Ammonium Bicarbonate

Ammonium bicarbonate meets highest requirements for various applications. For example, Ammonium Bicarbonate is used for the synthesis of catalysts, as a leavening agent for foamed plastic or as a nitrogen donator for yeast cultures. BASF provides ammonium bicarbonate in reliable and constant quality – approved by various certificates.
For more than 100 years, the ammonia plant has been an indispensable part of the production Verbund. BASF operates ammonia plants with a total capacity of more than 1.7 million metric tons in Ludwigshafen, Antwerp, and together with YARA in Freeport, Texas. Ammonia is a key starting material for polyamides, isocyanates and urea resins.Ammonia synthesis was only made possible in the 20th century by the Haber-Bosch process. Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their work.Print free of charge. Copyright by BASF.

Ammonium Carbamate

Ammonium carbamate is an important intermediate for the production of urea. It is used for the denitrification of exhaust emission and as decomposition stabilizer. For most applications, ammonium carbamate substitutes ammonia. BASF offers crystal ammonium carbamate that always meets highest standards regarding quality and purity.

Ammonium Carbonate

Ammonium carbonate is an important basic material for various applications. It serves as a foaming agent for the production of expanded material, as ingredient for shampoos or for the dyeing of textiles. Furthermore, ammonium carbonate is used for analytical purposes in chemical industry. Ammonium carbonate by BASF always meets highest standards – approved by various certificates.

Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium chloride is a versatile technical salt that is e.g. used for the production of dry-cell batteries and cleaning agents. Furthermore, ammonium chloride serves as acidity regulator in animal food or as an additive for the tanning of leather.  BASF provides ammonium chloride in various grades, all meeting highest quality standards – confirmed by certificates.
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Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is a versatile technical salt, used in various applications. It is used for the production of fire extinguisher powders, as nutrient for microorganisms or as hardener in the chip board manufacturing industry. Furthermore, ammonium sulfate serves for the production of flame resistant textiles or papers. Ammonium sulfate by BASF always meets highest quality standards.

Ferric Chloride

Water free ferric chloride is a strong oxidizing agent. It serves as catalyst in various chemical reactions. Just like aluminum chloride, ferric chloride is a low Lewis acid. Ferric chloride is mainly used for the manufacturing of pigments and colors as well as in textile and paper industry. BASF provides ferric chloride in highest quality and purity.

Potassium Metabisulfite

Potassium metabisulfite is a strong reduction agent, mainly used in the photographic industry: Potassium metabisulfite by BASF is ideally used for the acidification of fixing baths or as reducing component of formulations. Both our constant high quality and our excellent customer service enhance our customers’ satisfaction. Potassium metabisulfite by BASF always meets highest standards.

Sodium Metabisulfite 

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, sodium metabisulfite is mainly used as reduction agent. Furthermore, it is ideal for the bleaching of vegetable fibers and textile, for the production of solutions, which are used in the developing of photos and films as well as for the treatment of tanning agents in dyeing of textiles. BASF offers different sodium metabisulfite grades, all meeting highest quality standards.
The Noor Solar Power plant in Morocco is planned to deliver from four generating units an installed power of 580 Megawatt at its final stage. BASF’s Construction Chemicals division supports the installation with special grouts and sealants.

Sodium Nitrate 

Sodium nitrate serves as auxiliary in many applications. For example, it is used for the production of anticorrosive agents, as a concrete additive or in fertilizers containing nitrogen. Despite being one of the oldest BASF products, sodium nitrate is also used in new and innovative applications: Thanks to its outstanding heat storage properties, sodium nitrate is ideal for solar thermal plants. BASF provides sodium nitrate in various grades, all meeting highest quality standards.

Sodium Nitrite 

Sodium nitrite is used for the production of diazo compounds and as a component of hydronic salts. Furthermore, sodium nitrite is an important basic material for the dyeing of textiles and is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and metal industry. BASF provides sodium nitrite in various grades, all meeting highest standards regarding quality and purity.

Sodium Sulfite 

Sodium sulfite is a highly effective reducing and bleaching agent. It is used in the photographic industry to prevent developing solutions from oxidation, as an anticorrosive in water treatment or as an antichlor in textile industry. BASF provides sodium sulfite in various grades, all meeting highest standards regarding quality and purity.