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Plasticizers to meet the needs of a changing world

There has been a need for plasticizers ever since PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was patented in 1913. In its unmodified state, PVC is rigid and brittle. Plasticizers are used to make the material soft and flexible.

BASF has been a leader in the market for plasticizers and raw materials throughout the history of flexible PVC. BASF developed the first manufacturing process for phthalic anhydride, is a global technology leader for Oxo alcohols, and in this new millennium has had commercial successes in the global introduction of Palatinol® DPHP and Hexamoll® DINCH. In North America we are responding to market changes and customer needs by offering Palatinol® DOTP.

But one size does not fit all. Today, soft PVC is used in a wide range of applications and industries, from high performance industrial cables to extremely sensitive medical devices. Some plasticized PVC applications need to withstand extreme temperatures; others have to be highly resistant to physical and environmental stress. Some products are especially designed for close human contact applications such as children’s toys and blood storage bags.

More than just products

The BASF plasticizer technology team provides individual onsite support for technical queries. We support you in solving challenges you face and offer formulation trials in our own application laboratory.

We at BASF enjoy working with our customers to find the best solutions for your business. The knowledge and expertise of our Sales & Marketing Teams allows us to assist you every step of the way. Contact us at today.

Product availability and security of supply are our top priorities. BASF is your reliable supplier for a broad range of plasticizers. We have established a second level of pre-loading inspection at our filling facilities and continually strive to improve our processes in order to guarantee the high quality of our plasticizers. In addition, we have large storage capacities and an extensive network of terminals to ensure that we can react quickly to short term changes in customer demand. Our global availability and strict quality control gives you peace of mind when it comes to planning and reliable supply.

Our experts monitor and evaluate the safety of all BASF plasticizers, supporting our customers with regulatory guidance on their uses. In addition to conducting studies in our own laboratories, we constantly monitor scientific literature and regulatory databases, taking into account their possible impact on our plasticizer portfolio and our customer’s needs.

National and international regulations relating to the formulation and use of plasticizers are constantly changing. Existing regulations and directives are regularly adapted and updated, while new legal requirements are issued by US and Canadian authorities and other regions around the world. Our experts are always up to date on these developments, providing our customers with the latest information and the best possible support for their business.