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We have the right plasticizer for your needs.

For sensitive applications like medical devices, toys, lifestyle products, sports equipment or textile coatings we recommend Hexamoll® DINCH, our award-winning non-phthalate plasticizer.

Its large range of food contact and toy approvals as well as its outstanding technical properties and excellent toxicological profile have made Hexamoll® DINCH a favourite of leading brands and the market leading plasticizer for branded toys in Asia.

In March 2012, BASF launched the exclusive “Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partners” program in Asia Pacific for BASF customers. This network is built on trust and dedicated to achieving sustainable business growth in order to safeguard the brand reputation of its members.

We further offer Palatinol® M for industrial applications, as well as adipate plasticizers and a range of specialty polymeric plasticizers suitable for sensitive and industrial applications.

  • Hexamoll® DINCH
  • Polymeric plasticizers
  • Adipate plasticizers
  • Higher Alcohols
  • Palatinol® M for technical applications