Applications of BASF Plasticizers

BASF plasticizers have many uses in the PVC industry and play an essential role in everyday life. BASF offers plasticizers for sensitive applications such as medical devices but also for industrial applications like cables, films, hoses and profiles.


Applications with close human contact


Products that come into contact with humans must have special characteristics. Our non-phthalate plasticizer Hexamoll® DINCH meets these requirements. The plasticizer is the perfect choice for special applications such as food contact, medical equipment and toys.

Please find more about Hexamoll® DINCH in sensitive applications


Wire and Cable

The production method typically used for cable and duct applications is extrusion. These products are primarily used in the construction industry, the automotive industry and electrical appliances. Soft PVC is used as cable insulation, sheathing and as a filler to keep the cores centered.

Soft PVC films

Soft PVC films are typically made by calendering (e.g. for roofing membranes), slit die extrusion (e.g. for swing doors) or film blowing (e.g. for packaging films). The applications of these products include self-adhesive films, automotive films, furniture and stationery films, food wrap (cling film), roofing membranes, pond liners, oil tank liners, raincoats, shower curtains and many more.

Hoses and Profiles

Hoses and profiles made of soft PVC are always extruded. Profiles can be found in handrails, baseboards and refrigerator seals, to name a few examples. Hoses for medical applications, beverages and other foods and even garden watering systems are also made of soft PVC.

Soft PVC coatings 

Soft PVC coatings are applied to many different materials. These include paper (e.g. for vinyl wallpaper), cotton (e.g. for artificial leather), polyester fabrics (e.g. for truck tarpaulins) and flooring to name a few examples. The typical processing techniques used in this area of application are the plastisol coating process and hot melt roll coating.