ChemCyclingTM: plasticizer portfolio

ChemCyclingTM is the name of a chemical recycling project launched by BASF with the aim to man­ufacture products from chemically recycled plastic waste on an industrial scale. BASF cooperates with technology partners, who use a thermochemical process called pyrolysis to transform plastic waste (either mixed plastic waste or end-of-life tires) into secondary raw material (pyrolysis oil). This oil is fed into BASF’s production net­work (Verbund) at the beginning of the value chain, thereby saving fossil resources. The share of recycled material is allocated to products manufactured in the Verbund by using a third-party audited mass balance approach.

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The resulting products which carry the name suffix “CyclingTM” have the exact same properties as those manufactured from fossil feedstock. Our customers can therefore further process them in the same way as conventionally manufactured products and use them in demanding applications.

Here, you find more details on the ChemCyclingTM project

Here, you find more details on the results of a life cycle assessment (LCA) for ChemCyclingTM


The following product from the plasticizer portfolio isalso available as CcycledTM product:


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