Technical properties & toxicological profile

Technical properties

Hexamoll® DINCH offers a well-balanced set of technical properties, enabling the successful use in PVC production processes such as extrusion, calendaring, molding as well as spread coating.

The excellent product performance makes Hexamoll® DINCH the ideal solution for many articles made from soft PVC, e. g. for medical devices, toys and food packaging. Additionally, Hexamoll® DINCH has proven its suitability in textile applications like fabric coating or artificial leather and non-PVC applications as adhesives & sealants or printing inks.

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Toxicological profile

Hexamoll® DINCH is a substitute for phthalate plasticizers. To support its safe use in a wide range of applications with close human contact, BASF has conducted numerous tests to demonstrate that Hexamoll® DINCH does not show any of these adverse effects:

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