Technical Support

The plasticizer Technical Centers in Asia, Europe and the United States consist of a highly experienced group of chemists and chemical engineers who help customers take advantage of the many benefits of BASF plasticizers. We help our customers to be more successful and provide assistance in

  • New product development and new process development 
  • Process and Customer formulation support 

The Service 

Experts from BASF are happy to help you develop new products or modify existing products. With the help of our technical analysis service, we provide advice on processing problems, formulation issues and computer-based formulation. BASF offers a full range of services for users of PVC and plasticizers as well as PVC compounders:

·   Developing guiding formulation 

·   Developing and improving PVC compound formulation 

·   Troubleshooting for compounding issues Physical properties test of plasticizers 

·   Physical properties test of PVC specimens 

·   Chemical analysis of PVC specimens 

·   Advice on regulatory issues and industry standards 

·   Updates on latest development and trends via excellent BASF network 

·   On-the-spot service: site visits, brainstorming and solutions 

Analysis and Equipment

The impact of plasticizers on the performance of your products can be tested in our application labs. We provide analysis for a wide range of application properties, such as:

·    Dry blend time, Shore hardness, Brittleness temperature, dynamic mechanical analysis

·    Compatibility test under tropical conditions

·    Viscosity of the plastisol and its stability during storage

·    Mechanical properties und Thermal stability


Our analysis is backed up by state-of-the-art equipment, such as:

·    Elongation testing machine: measures tensile strength

·    Shore A/D: measures shore hardness

·    OS lab: monitors plasticizing process, optimizes recipe and produces string/granular and film sheets

·    Mixer: processes dry-blend

·    Heated hydraulic press: transforms PVC film into press-sheets

·    Roll mill: prepares PVC film

·    Gas chromatograph (GC) and gel permeation chromatograph (GPC): analyzes the chemical composition

The Team

Located in Shanghai, Ludwigshafen and Pasadena, Texas, the teams in our application labs offer swift, direct and expert assistance. Our team has vast experience in research and development and technical support.


Do you have questions about BASF’s plasticizers, ideas or issues you would like to discuss with our experts?

Product Safety

Product safety is an essential topic. To guarantee the product safety of BASF’s plasticizers, a team of experts supports our technical, sales and production team on all toxicological, environmental and legal questions.

We do regular tests on heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).