BASF_Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids 

BASF, the world´s leading supplier of chemical intermediates, offers easy access to a range of products with a great variety of properties. Our competences on commercializing ionic liquids in a industrial scale is founded on profound experience with a large portfolio of developmental candidates. Contact us when evaluating the scalability of your projects. 

The interest on ionic liquids for a variety of solutions in academia and industry as solutions in a broad range of applications encompasses, among others:

  • in chemical reactions and separation processes

  • in metal deposition processes

  • as hydraulic fluid and lubricant

  • in dissolving and processing cellulose

  • as polymer additives (antistatic and epoxy curing)

  • as electroytes in electronic devices

Basionics ™ Portfolio

BASF’s portfolio of non-exclusive products comprises