PolyTHF® - Polytetrahydrofuran

PolyTHF® is a colourless, clear liquid (lower molecular weights) or white, waxy solid at room temperature. It will melt to yield a co lourless, clear liquid. It is soluble in many conventional organic solvents, partly infinitely mixable. It is practically insoluble in water.

PolyTHF® is also an important intermediate in manufacturing thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU). These products are used for highly abrasion-resistant and flexible hoses, films and cable sheathing. Other applications include thermo-plastic polyetheresters, polyetheramide and cast polyurethane elastomers, provenin their use for skateboard wheels and inline skates.

PolyTHF 1000

Product Details

PolyTHF® grades

CAS No.: 25190-06-1


0,5KG Glass bottle
1000KG Composite IBC
200KG Steel drums 
5KG Steel drums 

BASF delivers PolyTHF® in the following molecular weights:

  • PolyTHF® 250
    (technical grade) 
  • PolyTHF® 1400
  • PolyTHF® 650 
  • PolyTHF® 1800
  • PolyTHF® 1000 
  • PolyTHF® 2000

PolyTHF® is a polymer created by linking a series of identical units (=monomers) together, thus forming a chain.

The unit is tetrahydrofuran (THF); water (H-O-H) caps the ends.