Ethanol- and Ethyleneamines

BASF is one of the leading producers in ethanolamines and ethyleneamines

  • Monoethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine are major components to ethanolamine applications like personal care products, agrochemicals or construction.
  • Ethylenediamine, diethylenetriamine and piperazine are examples of ethyleneamines as key raw materials for agrochemicals, the detergent or pharma industry.
  • Ethanolamines and ethyleneamines made by BASF are used in a wide range of products and a great variety of applications.

Production sites 

Beside its European production sites in Ludwigshafen and Antwerp BASF produces ethanol- and ethyleneamines at its BASF-Sinopec joint venture production site at Nanjing, China.


* With this local production, customers in China are able to purchase high quality ethanolamines and ethyleneamines with short lead time and great supply reliability and benefit from an Asia-wide logistic and sales service.


Furthermore BASF's supply network and various storage locations cater for regional requirements in just-in-time delivery to help make your business more successful.


Agrochemical production

BASF has long experience in serving customers in the agrochemical industry. Diethanolamine as one of the key raw materials in the production of glyphosate, contributes to the high quality of this herbicide. 
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Surfactant in personal care

Diethanolamine and monoethanolamine are key components in Cocamide MEA, which prove their value globally in personal care and cleaning formulations like liquid soaps, shampoos and bath foams. 

Wood Preservation

Monoethanolamine is an important ingredient for wood preservative formulations. It is used to impregnate wood in outdoo rapplications to guarantee a longlife cycle. 


Triethanolamine is used to produce cement grinding aids and performance enhancers, which reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process of cement and improve the cement quality.


Agrochemical production

Ethylenediamine is a key raw material for crop protection products like macozeb or imidacloprid.
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Wet strength resins

Diethylenetriamine-based polyamines are widely used as wet-strength additives for paper.These resins enable awet-strength performance as needed for use in wet conditions. Applications include tissues or packaging boards. 

Corrosion inhibitors / oilfield

Ethyleneamines are converted with fatty acids and form a protective film against corrosion.

Ethylene bis(stearamide)

EBS is used in acrylonitrilebutadiene styrene and polyvinylchloride resins as a natural lubricant which helps to improve polymer flow during injection molding.

Personal and Home Care

Ethyleneamines are used in the production of various chemicals for home and personal care products. Ethylenediamine is aprecursor for TAED (tetraacetyl­ethylene­diamine), which acts as a bleach activiatorin powdered detergentcompositions. N-(2-Amino­ethyl)ethanol­amineis used as building block for manufacturing amphoacetates, which are an essential ingredientin mild detergents like babycare, shampoo or shower gel. 

Chelating Agents

Ethyleneamines are precursors for several types of chelating agents like EDTA(ethylene­diamine­tetra­aceticacid) or DPTA(diethylene­triamine­penta­aceticacid). These chelating agents are used in several industry fields mainly for water softening.