Intermediates for special applications

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Raw Materials

BASF Intermediates develops, produces and markets the world’s largest portfolio of chemical intermediates products. This portfolio of more than 700 products comprises top quality, Building Blocks, Chiral Auxiliaries, Protective Groups, Reagents and Solvents for chemical synthesis in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rubber Additives

A broad range of amines for rubber chemicals and for the tire industry is part of BASF’s comprehensive portfolio of chemical intermediates. We develop, produce and market these intermediates around the world. Through intensive cooperation, joint research, sharing of expertise as well as our intelligent solutions and high-value products, we help our customers to be more successful.

Intermediates for the Paints & Coatings Industry

BASF offers for the paint and coatings industry, building block for Oligomers, Resins, Dispersions, Solvents and Diluents, Pigments and Dyes and Products for Solvents and Diluents and building block for Formulation Additives.