Building block for Formulation Aditives

CAS No.: 111-86-4


N-Octylamine (OCT) is a fatty alkyl primary amine 

CAS No.: 149-57-5

Ethylhexanoic acid

2-Ethylhexanoic (2-EHA) acid is a chemical intermediate used in esters for Polyvinylbutyral film plasticizers and synthetic lubricants, in metal salts for paint dryers, in automotive coolants, PVC stabilizers, cosmetics and various other applications.
CAS No.: 3302-10-1

Isononanoic acid

Isononanoic acid is a chemical intermediate used to produce polyolester in synthetic lubricants and metal salts in paint dryers as well as cosmetics and various other applications

CAS No.: 644-97-3

Dichlorophenylphosphine DCPP

Used as building block for the synthesis of photoinitiators
CAS No.: 1079-66-9

Diphenylchlorphosphine DPC

This material is a reactive building block used for a variety of applications.

CAS No.: 25190-06-1

PolyTHF® - Polytetrahydrofuran

PolyTHF® is a colourless, clear liquid (lower molecular weights) or white, waxy solid at room temperature. It will melt to yield a co lourless, clear liquid. It is soluble in many conventional organic solvents, partly infinitely mixable. It is practically insoluble in water.

CAS No.: 100-46-9


Benzylamine is a primary alkyl amine. It is a versatile intermediate and building block in a variety of applications.

CAS No.: 107-22-2

Glyoxal 40%

Glyoxal is an intermediate chemical bringing versatile properties to many applications

CAS No.: 111-41-1

N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamine (AEEA)

N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamin (AEEA) is mainly used as a building block for fabric softeners/surfactants, in the synthesis for chelating agents and latex paints. Additional applications of N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamin (AEEA) are in fuel/lube oil additives and urethane systems.