Epoxy-Curing Agents

The curing agents sold under the Baxxodur® trademark, such as polyether amines, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines, differ in molecular structure, basicity and number of functional groups. This allows to control the curing reactions and the properties of the cured thermosets.

BASF is the only manufacturer handling different technologies for synthesizing these highly diverse product categories and therefore offers the broadest portfolio of amine-based curing agents for the epoxy industry.

We support our customers in selecting suitable curing agents by providing specific information on applications and properties

This information includes data on:

  • The curing agent it self (e.g.amine equivalent weight,viscosity and density)
  • Processing of the curing agent with epoxy resins (e.g. potlife and reaction enthalpy)
  • Properties of the standard resins processed with this curing agent
    (e.g. tensile strength and glass transition temperature)


BASF also offers tertiary amines and imidazoles that greatly accelerate epoxy resin curing.

Epoxy-Curing Agents Product Range

The advantages of BASF’s Baxxodur® products are featured in many appli­ca­tions - as highly efficient curing agents in various coating appli­ca­tions and sealing com­pounds, for the electrical industry as well as in com­posites, adhe­sives and flooring.