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Biomass Balanced (BMBcert™) Intermediates

Accelerate renewable feedstock in value chains


When you choose a biomass balanced product, we replace 100% of the fossil raw materials which are normally needed for production of the product with renewable feedstock in our Verbund production set-up. The renewable carbon content cannot be physically identified in the final product, but the renewable share is fully attributed to it. This methodology is called biomass balance. To ensure transparency, compliance with mass balance standards like REDcert2 and ISCC PLUS is independently certified for each biomass balanced intermediate. 

Biomass Balanced (BMBcert™) Intermediates

  • 100% substitution of fossil with renewable raw materials in the value chain
  • Significant reduction of product carbon footprint compared to standard BASF product
  • Drop-in solution: Identical quality and properties compared to standard BASF product
  • Available for the broad intermediates portfolio
  • Mass balance approach certified according to well accepted standards like REDcert2 and ISCC PLUS
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