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ChemCycled (Ccycled®) Intermediates

More recycled feedstock in value chains


When you choose a Ccycled® product, we replace 100% of the fossil raw materials which are normally needed for production of the product with pyrolisis oil in our Verbund production set-up. The pyrolisis oil is derived from chemically recycled plastic waste like end-of-life tires. This way, you contribute to saving finite fossil resources. To ensure transparency, compliance with the REDcert2 mass balance standard is independently certified for each Ccycled® intermediate.

ChemCycled (Ccycled®) Intermediates

  • 100% substitution of fossil with sustainably certified recycled raw materials in the value chain
  • Feedstock derived from chemical recycling of plastic waste
  • Contribution to saving of finite fossil resources
  • Drop-in solution: Identical quality and properties compared to standard BASF product
  • Mass balanced approach certified according to REDcert2 standard

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