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Brands at Monomers

At Monomers, we're dedicated to providing our customers with even more innovative solutions and products. Besides our comprehensive isocyanates, polyamides, amino resins and inorganics portfolio, BASF Monomers offers a variety of specialized products that help our customers from all industries create sustainable value. The Monomers brands include:

BASF has developed loopamid, a 100% textile-to-textile recycled polyamide 6. Inditex has turned the material into a capsule jacket.  
Photo: Inditex


loopamid® rewrites the rules of the textile game. It is the first polyamide 6 entirely made from textile waste.

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AdBlue® by BASF is a world-wide recognized Diesel additive that can help reduce nitric oxide emissions from Diesel engines.

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B2Last® is an innovative bitumen modification that helps to significantly reduce bitumen emissions and make roads more durable.

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B 001 Labor Cavipor Schäumversuche


Cavipor® is a new mineral-based in-situ foam system for energetic renovations of double-wall masonry.

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