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Alkylene oxides are highly reactive chemical compounds which we produce under carefully controlled conditions in our world-scale plants.

As a technology leader, we are able to guarantee the highest safety standards and exceptional quality. When controlled impulsive reactions lead to excellence, it’s because at BASF, we create chemistry.

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  • Global Sales Network
  • Broad Product Portfolio
  • High Product Quality

Secure supply and consistently high Product Quality

BASF continuously optimizes and invests in developing its technology and engineering. In this way, BASF ensures its plants operate efficiently, safely and reliably while offering consistently high product quality within each specification.

Extensive Product Portfolio

BASF is one of the few major companies worldwide that is completely integrated in the ethylene and propylene oxide value chain. BASF produces both ethylene and propylene  – the starting materials for EO and PO – as well as all of the important direct derivates. Thanks to its size and Verbund structure, BASF is able to offer an extensive product portfolio of alkylene oxides and glycols.