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Enrich your investment projects with BASF expertise

For customers seeking to enrich their investment projects with BASF expertise, we offer selected process technology licenses and a full range of engineering and technical services. 

Our technologies

BASF owns a broad portfolio of self-developed technologies that allow us to perform as the leading chemical company. We license some of these proprietary processes and exclusive technologies to our customers. The licensing portfolio of BASF's Process Catalysts currently includes several processes that profit from our expertise in heterogeneous catalysis.

Our strengths

Our way of working

As part of our commitment to the success of our customers, BASF offers the entire spectrum of services associated with the licensing of process technology.

Our success story

Process innovation has driven the success of BASF since its inception. BASF researchers have achieved some of the major technology breakthroughs in chemical engineering, including the Haber-Bosch process for ammonia synthesis or the catalytic process for the production of sulfuric acid. Due to this tradition of innovation, BASF owns a broad portfolio of self-developed technologies which allow make us the leading chemical company and a major process licensor.

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