SELOP® Technology

for SELectivity Optimized Hydrogenations for the petrochemical and refining industries

In 1998, BASF introduced the trademark SELOP® for the commercialization of a broad spectrum of hydrogenation process technologies. As of today, our customers have selected BASF superior performing SELOP® technology for more than 70 hydrogenation units worldwide. In the 1990s, Engelhard Corporation already lincensed hydrogenation technologies under the brand name HPN. After the acquisition of Engelhard by BASF, both technologies have been available from one source. This is a consequence of our firm commitment to focus on our customers’ needs and contribute to their success with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Overview of SELOP® technologies and applications

The SELOP® process technologies are applied for selective hydrogenation, full hydrogenation and/or hydrodesulfurization of many different hydrocarbon streams with applications in the refinery and petrochemical fields. BASF delivers tailor-made designs that minimize CAPEX and OPEX and maximize the return of investment.

Feedstock Task BASF
Raw C3 cuts Selective hydrogenation of methylacetylene and propadiene to propylene SELOP® C3 Refinery, Ethylene Plant, Propane Dehydrogenation Plant
C4 streams Acetylene 
Selective hydrogenation of C4 acetylenes to butadiene SELOP® VA Butadiene Plant
Selective hydrogenation of C4 acetylenes and butadiene to butenes  SELOP® VABD Butadiene Plant
Selective hydrogenation of butadiene to butenes:
a) 1-Butene maximization
b) 2-Butene maximization
SELOP® C4 Ethylene Plant, Olefin Metathesis Plant, Butadiene Plant, Methanol-to-Olefins Plant, Butane Dehydrogenation Plant
Selective hydrogenation of butadiene in raffinates maintaining 1-Butene SELOP® C4 plus 1-Butene, Polymere Plant
Hydrogenation of butadiene and butenes to butane SELOP® FC4 Ethylene Plant
Hydrogenation of C4 olefins to C4 paraffines SELOP® FC4 Ethylene Plant
Mixed C4/C5
Hydrogenation of C4 and C5 olefins to C4 and C5 paraffines SELOP® FC4-C5 Ethylene Plant
Raw C5 cut Selective hydrogenation of C5 dienes to C5 olefins SELOP®  C5 Olefin Metathesis Plant
Hydrogenation of C5 olefins to C5 paraffines SELOP® FC5 Ethylene Plant

Raw Selective hydrogenation of C5+ dienes and styrenics without aromatic losses SELOP® C5+ Ethylene Plant, Aromatics Plant
Stabilized Hydrodesulphurization, hydrodenitrogenation, and hydrogenation of olefins and styrenics to paraffines with minimal aromatic losses  SELOP® HDS Ethylene Plant, Aromatics Plant
Reformate Selective hydrogenation of dienes and olefins with minimal aromatic losses SELOP® C6 Refinery

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