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Isocyanates and Polyols
Isocyanates and Polyols

 Isocyanates and Polyols

BASF PU basic products like Isocyanates and Polyols manufactured in production sites and world scale plants in Asia, Europe and North America. State-of-the-art-technology results in constant, consistent and reliable product quality and product supply. TDI, MDI and Polyols are the basic materials for the production of polyurethanes.

A wide range of products used in our daily life.


Our product line of polyurethane raw materials consists in Lupranate® aromatic isocyanates (MDI, MDI derivatives and TDI), Pluracol® and Lupraphen® polyols. Our materials are sold through direct sales and through distribution, and are available in bulk shipments (rail cars, tank trucks) as well as IBC and drums. 

Markets and Applications

Polyurethane raw materials bring performance, durability and comfort to a myriad of industrial and consumer products. Discover here the many applications that rely on MDI, TDI and polyols. 


BASF’s strategy in agriculture is aiming for innovation-driven growth in specific markets and for finding the right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations.

Biomass balance

- Requires no reformulation – identical product performance
- Available easy and fast for nearly all our products
- Saves fossil resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
- Drives the use of sustainable renewable feedstocks 

PU recycling

- BASF has developed a chemical recycling process for used mattresses 

- Turns waste into raw material

- Reduces the use of fossil based materials

Dr. Andreas Kicherer und Dr. Stefan Gräter unterhalten sich über die verschiedenen Arten von Kunststoffabfällen und deren Recycling


- Represents a missing link towards circularity
- Turns waste into feedstocks for the chemical industry
- Recycles plastics therefor no recycling solutions are available
- Provides a CO2 saving compared to incineration
- Reduces the use of fossil based materials 

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