Polyamides and Intermediates

Polyamides and Intermediates

BASF is one of the leading manufacturers of Polyamides Intermediates and Polyamide. BASF is the only company in the world that offers Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6 as well as their raw materials.

Production sites in Ludwigshafen (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium) and Asia supply  Polyamide and Polyamide Intermediates to customers in Europe and Asia. The NAFTA production sites supply customers within the NAFTA region.


Sustainable Products

Our solutions contribute to sustainable development and support differentiation based on measurable performance.

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The Ultramid® Extrusion polyamides are the material of choice for demanding requirements in the packaging and extrusion field. BASF offers special grades for the production of films and monofilaments.

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Yarns made from Ultramid® B spinning polymers are the basis for clothing, sportswear, floor coverings, technical yarns, etc.

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The range of intermediates for the production of Polyamides comprises caprolactam, hydroxylammonium sulfate, AH-salt, hexamethylene diamin and adipic acid.

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Polyamide 6.6

A range of Polyamide 6.6s for various applications including for automobile parts, assorted textiles, industrial, construction & electronic applications and for oil and gas transportation 

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