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Polyamides and precursors

At BASF, we are one of the leading producers of polyamides and precursors used for various applications ranging from packaging and textiles to films and engineering plastics. 


Commonly known under the brand name Ultramid®, we offer PA66 grades (Ultramid® A), PA6 grades (Ultramid® B), PA6/66 co-polymer grades (Ultramid® C) and the respective precursors. 

We have a global footprint with production sites in Ludwigshafen and Freiburg (Germany), Chalampé (France), Antwerp (Belgium), Freeport (USA) and Shanghai (China). 

As part of the Monomers division, we market polyamide for fiber and extrusion applications. Our polyamide compound portfolio is developed and marketed by BASF's division Performance Materials.


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Sustainable solutions

Besides our standard products, we offer a broad portfolio of more sustainable solutions. Let’s find out which one fits your needs best in reducing fossil feedstock and CO2 emissions*.

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Packaging, films, and monofilaments


Our medium to high viscosity Ultramid® grades are the perfect choice for demanding applications in packaging, films, and monofilaments. Our Ultramid® extrusion grades provide exceptional strength and thermoformability, high heat resistance and very good barrier properties to gases, flavors, and aromas. 


Ultramid® extrusion grades are offered in a wide variety of combinations of viscosity and additives. Their outstanding properties have made them indispensable for transparent and flexible food packaging, medical packaging, monofilament applications (e.g. fishing lines, fishing nets, lawn trimmers) and cable sheathing.

Ultramid® B (homopolyamide PA6) grades 

Ultramid® melting point  viscosity number  relative viscosity  additives applications
Ultramid® B33 L
220°C 195 3.3 lubricant BOPA, paper coating monofilaments
Ultramid® B36 L 220°C 218 3.6 lubricant

blown film, casing, water cooled film

Ultramid® B36 LN 220°C 218 3.6

lubricant, nucleating agent

cast film

Ultramid® B36 LNV 220°C 218 3.6

lubricant, nucleating agent

cast film

Ultramid® B40 220°C 250 4.0   blown film, monofilaments
Ultramid® B40 L 220°C 250 4.0 lubricant blown film, casing, monofilaments
Ultramid® B40 LN 220°C 250 4.0

lubricant, nucleating agent

cast film (blown film)

Ultramid® slow crystallisation grades

Ultramid® melting point  viscosity number  relative viscosity  additives applications

Ultramid® B36 SL

215°C 218 3.6 lubricant  
Ultramid® B36 SLN 215°C 218 3.6

lubricant, nucleating agent

cast film, blown film, extrusion lamination

Ultramid® C (copolyamide PA6/66) grades

Ultramid® melting point  viscosity number  relative viscosity  additives applications

Ultramid® C33

196°C 195 3.3   blown film, monofilaments

Ultramid® C33 L

196°C 195 3.3 lubricant blown film

Ultramid® C33 LN

196°C 195 3.3 lubricant, nucleating agent blown film

Ultramid® C37 LC

182°C 225 3.7 lubricant monofilaments, blown film, shrink film

Ultramid® C37 LXC

182°C 225 3.7 lubricant monofilaments

Ultramid® C40 L

189°C 225 4.0 lubricant monofilaments, blown film, shrink film

Ultramid® C40 LN

189°C 225 4.0 lubricant, nucleating agent blown film 

Ultramid® C40 LX

189°C 225 4.0 lubricant monofilaments


Polyamide type


PA 6



copolyamide 6/66

Viscosity class

Relative viscosity in 96%/23°C sulphuric acid (i.e 36 for RV 3.6).

* Except Ultramid Flex F38, measured in different solvent.



intermediate viscosity



intermediate to high viscosity



high viscosity

38 = high viscosity
40 = high viscosity








lubricated and nucleated

LNV = lubricated and nucleated, reduced residual caprolactam level
LX = high gloss and transparency
S = slow crystallisation


B40 LN (PA6, high viscosity, lubricated, nucleated)







Polyamides for fibers

Our low viscosity Ultramid® grades are the perfect choice for demanding applications in yarns and filaments. Our Ultramid® fiber grades provide strength, durability, exceptional softness and wearing comfort for carpet, textile, or technical yarns.


Yarns made from Ultramid® spinning polymers are the basis for clothing, sportswear, floor coverings, industrial yarns etc. With the different grades in the Ultramid® range, we are able to meet these special requirements. 

This polymer is like no other. Tight tolerances in viscosity and amino end groups, together with excellent melt stability, guarantee optimum homogeneous spinning and are the basis for even dyeing and problem-free texturing. Ultramid® supports a smooth, consistent spinning process.







Polyamide precursors

Besides our Ultramid® polymer products, we offer a range of related precursors, e.g., caprolactam, hydroxylammonium sulfate, AH-salt, hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid.






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