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Made-to-measure solutions from BASF

Wide product portfolio for numerous applications

BASF develops, manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of specialty monomers, including acrylates, methacrylates and acrylamide monomers, for use in automotive and industrial coatings, construction painting, adhesives, paper manufacturing, water treatment and personal hygiene.  

Pioneering production technologies pave the way to innovative products

Our wide range of production technologies allows us to manufacture monomers with unique functions and properties. By using pioneering and innovative manufacturing processes such as enzymatic catalysis, we can make new monomers that cannot be achieved with conventional processes.

We have the right system solution for every requirement. With our innovative application technologies we can deliver made-to-measure solutions for many different customer requirements, for example: 

  • Excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance in automotive coatings
  • High percentage of solids in paints
  • Hydrophilic modifications in adhesives

Our products support industry trends

Nowadays lower energy consumption and low emissions are important aspects to consider when developing new products. Specialty monomers from BASF support these trends. Use of our products results in benefits such as lower processing temperatures, quick hardening, energy efficiency and reduced processing time. By reducing emissions, our specialty monomers ensure compliance with legal limits and guidelines.

In modern production processes, speed is an essential component of cost efficiency. So BASF's specialty monomers support the trend towards adhesive bonding in preference to screw fastening, for example in aircraft construction, to reduce process times.