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We provide best-in-class hydrogenation catalysts for producers to deal with current challenges of effective processing of heavier feed, long-term operation and dynamic market demand. In combination with over 50 years of commercial experience as a world leading catalyst supplier, licensor and own applicant of our technologies, we are looking forward to work with you to make the change and re-define the market. 

The perfect solution for your industry needs

For more than a century, we have been creating chemistry based on petrochemicals and are passionate about chemistry. BASF catalysts help you to take advantage of our century of expertise.

BASF nickel and precious metal catalysts can be applied for aromatics removal of diesel, solvents, white oil, waxes and paraffins, etc. Legislation regarding the aromatic and sulfur levels are getting more stringent and the feeds processed heavier what results in a demand for more active and more poison resistant catalysts.  

BASF offers a range of nickel fixed bed catalysts for the polishing of waxes and paraffins to a wide range of high end applications. 

  • Ni 3300E and Ni 7210E are best suited in those configurations in which physical strength and water tolerance is a must 

  • Ni 5256E and Ni 5300E is applied in configurations that put a lower physical force to the catalyst allowing very long lifecycles in combination with very deep levels of unsaturation 

  • Ni 5576E is best suited in less demanding process stream 


BASF Pd 0152 and Pd 0155 catalyst are commercially proven catalysts to enable a smooth a long term oriented operation at low temperatures. Different to nickel-based catalyst solutions, sulfur impurities in the feed do not lead to a permanent deactivation of the precious metal catalyst. Hence, significant longer catalyst lifetime can be achieved. 

BASF’s CoMo and NiMo catalysts can be applied for the removal of organic sulfur and nitrogen species from coke oven light oil. Processing coke oven light oil streams is commonly done in a 2-stage process to enable reliable hydrogenation of unsaturates and a removal of organic sulfur- and nitrogen species at the same time.  

Our well approved catalyst systems offer the combination of long catalytic lifetimes and high aromatic retention rates for several years on stream. 

BASF offers a broad portfolio of precious metal catalysts for full- and selective hydrogenation applications with focus on highest hydrogenation rates and long-term catalyst performance.  

Application examples are the full hydrogenation of C3-, C4-  and C5- cuts from FCC off gas or steam cracker.

Our catalysts with high precious metal efficiency are applicable in fixed reactor beds in gas-, liquid- and trickle bed operation mode. 

BASF precious metal catalyst solutions are based on over 100 global references in steam crackers and refineries. In combination with over 50 years of commercial experience as world leading catalyst supplier, licensor and own applicant of our technologies, BASF can provide superior solutions for various applications.  

Our catalysts are designed to deliver best-in-class hydrogenation performance, highest poison resistance and longest catalyst lifetime.