21. Mai 2019

May 21, 2019: Customer Event during ChinaPlas

Feel the Zeal: ChinaPlas 2019 customer event - Hexamoll® DINCH


I am the fly on the wall. My name is Max.

I was chilling on the ceiling of a splendid German beer hall in Guangzhou, China, one afternoon on May 22, 2019.

Suddenly, I noticed approximately 75 people below me in the venue, all mesmerized by a speaker, Ketan Joshi (Vice President, BASF Petrochemicals Asia Pacific), as he kickstarted A-CP/A’s ChinaPlas customer event focusing on Asia’s plasticizers industry. Specifically, on the product Hexamoll® DINCH.

The key takeaway messages I could ascertain from the animated discussions between customers and BASF colleagues was that: customers choose this premium product for its high product quality (i.e. safety, no contamination, trust in the brand) and supply reliability.

The customer and Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partner Hopefinder (Changzhou) Polymer Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. also gave a compelling speech on how Hexamoll® DINCH is a better choice for medical PVC compounds. There’s probably nothing more gratifying than one’s customer extoling the benefits of one’s product.

Specifically, Hopefinder highlighted the size and expected 20% growth rate of China’s medical devices and medical tubing markets, their innovations in China modified medical PVC compounding, and the PVC applications of Hopefinder. Since the year 2000, Hopefinder’s safety awareness has strengthened, recognizing the importance of non-phthalate plasticizers and high-quality additives and how vital it was for them to partner with a responsible, reputable supplier who would abide by all the industry standards and regulations. Having a trusted supplier enabled Hopefinder to focus on innovating and staying agile and versatile in its plethora of medical applications.

That’s when BASF came into the picture - year 2012. Hopefinder appreciated how BASF applied ISO9001:2015 and strictly adhered to its inspection processes and quality monitoring (inspecting every truck with incoming material and at all interim stages and inspecting the chemical and physical properties of all finished products). This assurance and confidence are key to BASF’s relationship with Hopefinder, as the customer expands its footprint to become a leading medical polymer material supplier.

As the industry’s regulatory landscape evolves, it’s BASF’s job to stay ahead of the curve.

Even I, Max, was moved by Hopefinder’s presentation, as they emphasized the tripartite cooperation: BASF being responsible for the safety evaluation of Hexamoll® DINCH and technical support thereof, thereby enabling Hopefinder to provide the biological test reports and support to its customers who, in turn, deliver safer medical devices and tubing products to end-user patients.

Michelle Feng (Head of Sales Petrochemicals, BASF China) and Vivien Xu (Regional Marketing Management Asia Pacific) also highlighted Hexamoll® DINCH’s value proposition in line with BASF’s sustainable solution steering. Hexamoll® DINCH being an Accelerator product allows BASF customers to differentiate and to get that warm feeling inside. Just like me as I watch the chuckling below me as the group wraps up with a fun Hexamoll® DINCH quiz.

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