Ethanol to Ethylene (E2E)

The ethanol to ethylene process (E2E) represents an attractive option to enter the diverse ethylene value chains based on alternative feedstocks. BASF has developed in-depth experience on this application and is able to offer a state-of-the-art alumina catalyst portfolio for the steam-assisted dehydration of different ethanol grades. Our customers benefit from the best possible raw material utilization with both conversion level and selectivity towards ethylene above 99% regularly demonstrated on industrial scale.

The BASF selection of alumina catalysts is characterized by high catalyst purity in combination with enhanced porosity. Our industry benchmark offerings each combine various strongly acidic catalysts with an individual material profile. Straight, ring-shaped and trilobe extrudates are recommended for this application. Following figure is the general process flow of the E2E process.

e2e process.jpg

Reasons to Choose BASF:

  • In-depth experience for more than 25 years with dedicated catalyst development and testing available
  • Global commercial reference list & partnership with leading process design company
  • Dedicated alumina catalyst portfolio for the steam-assisted dehydration of different ethanol grades
  • Using BASF’s catalysts, stochiometric ethylene yields of 99%+ regularly demonstrated on production scale
  • Chemical-grade as well as polymer-grade ethylene purity is achievable