Specialty Zeolites 

We have been driving innovation in catalyst research for more than 100 years. Our comprehensive zeolite powder portfolio is rooted in our deep material science expertise and our close cooperation with our customers.

The breakthrough applications that truly impact our lives aren’t possible without some of the innovative materials so pivotal to the chemical industry. Zeolites are one of the most widely used catalyst families. They also hold tremendous innovation potential.

Organotemplate-free zeolite technology

Zeolites are purely inorganic materials and typically produced using hydrothermal synthesis. Major applications for zeolites include refinery catalysts for olefin and fuel production, emissions catalysts for both mobile and stationary applications, petrochemical catalysts for alkylation and isomerization reactions, and specialty catalysts applied to reactions such as oxidation, amination and ammoximation.

Your Partner of Choice

As a leading zeolite producer, we leverage our strong R&D foundation and long-time partnerships with academia and bring these assets to every project we undertake with our customers and process engineering partners. For our customers, we develop BASF zeolite powders into commercial catalysts tailored to their target applications. We also engage in joint development projects to commercialize catalysts and processes in a holistic “process plus catalyst” approach. In all of these endeavors with our partners, we use our strong zeolite powder portfolio as the foundation for bringing valuable step-change innovations to the market.