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Message from Andrea Frenzel, Erika Peterman, Frank Stein and Vasilios Galanos

Surely you all were informed that this year’s EPCA meeting will again take place only virtually. We thought back and forth what to do with our customer dinner, whether to also offer a virtual replacement. But just as last year we think no virtual event can adequately replace the atmosphere of open exchange and personal conversation we always put much effort in creating for our traditional smart come-together.

Instead, we promised to include you in the making of the “Forster Freundstück”  2020 vintage of the winery Spindler in Rhineland-Palatian village Forst: From the harvest of the grapes in September, the tasting of the raw diamond wine in November to the separation of the wine from the yeast and moving it to oak barrels in March – we gave you a few insights into the fascinating process of creating a great wine.

The owner of the winery Markus Spindler (left) and Bernhard Wolff, Head of BASF Wine Cellar, have a sip of the latest vintage.

At the end of June, it was time for the final step: the bottling of the wine. And what do we do with this good drop now? Find out in this short 2 ½ -minute video with Andrea Frenzel, President BASF Intermediates, Frank Stein, Senior Vice President BASF Intermediates Europe, Marco Altmayer, Vice President BASF Intermediates Standard Amines Europe & Global Gas Treatment, and Bernhard Wolff, Head of BASF’s Wine Cellar.

With this step we are closing this chapter until we hopefully are able to meet again in person in 2022. And of course, before that, as mentioned in the video, don’t miss your chance to get one bottle of the “Forster Freundstück” 2019 vintage delivered directly to you. Find out how in the infobox below.

Andrea Frenzel 
BASF Intermediates
Erika Peterman
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Frank Stein
BASF Intermediates
Vasilios Galanos
BASF Intermediates
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Rinsed, filled, corked and put into big pallet cages for storage.