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Dear customers

Message from Andrea Frenzel, Erika Peterman,

Frank Stein and Vasilios Galanos

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us all very hard globally. From one day to the other, we were forced to handle our businesses from home, deal with new hygiene measures and homeschool our kids. 

While this was surely challenging in many ways, we also were surprised how well it worked out. Meetings switched from the physical to the virtual world and – it somehow became a new “normal”.

May this be the case for most of the business meetings, we all have experienced in the months of the pandemic that the virtual world is by far not unlimited. 

Looking forward to a great wine (fltr): Kathrin Ida Maria Lucas (BASF),
Markus Spindler (Winery Spindler), Bernhard Wolff, Marco Altmayer and
Frank Stein (all BASF)
Markus Spindler with the grapes for a promising wine.

Nothing truly replaces the connections created through in-person exchanges. 

And here we are at the 10th year of our BASF EPCA customer appreciation event which we formerly planned to celebrate with you in Budapest.

The pandemic with its social distance rules put a spoke in the wheels of our plan. Whereas the official EPCA organization decided to offer the conference virtually, it became clear to us that virtuality is no viable alternative for our get-together which has developed into to a highly sought-after event over the last decade. 

These events are designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where open exchange and personal conversations flow freely. We feel that this cannot be equally recreated in a virtual sphere. We therefore decided to pause with our BASF EPCA event this year.

However, we want to keep the spirit of connectedness with you alive, until we hopefully meet again next year. 

The sparkling conversations at our event came about not least because of the fine drops of wine served. While this year was a struggle for the global economy, the signs for this season’s wine are promising, following the opinion of our sommelier Bernhard Wolff.

During this year’s EPCA time we will therefore harvest grapes in Palatinate from one of the best Riesling vineyards globally, the “Forster Freundstück”, and together with you observe the development and ripening of the wine from this very special year to the next – with hopefully a happy end of enjoying together it at next year’s event.

Frank Stein makes an early quality check.

We will keep you posted on the development of the wine which in any case will be “special”, too.

Until then, we wish all the best for you and your families. Stay safe and healthy and let’s meet again – live, in 3D and in person – how it’s supposed to be. And let’s stay connected in the virtual world wherever necessary. 

Andrea Frenzel 
BASF Intermediates
Erika Peterman
BASF Intermediates
The Americas
Frank Stein
BASF Intermediates
Vasilios Galanos
BASF Intermediates
Asia Pacific