August 22, 2019

August 22, 2019: Hexamoll® DINCH promotion day at BASF Shanghai Pudong Innovation Park

Let's show 'em ... that anyone can be BASF's customer


We brought customer centricity to the doorstep of our BASF colleagues in Shanghai by putting them literally in our customers’ shoes.

Along with the local labor union, BASF hosted a Hexamoll® DINCH summer promotional event on August 22, 2019, alongside our customers Mattel Inc., LZ Stationery Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang East Asia Glove Co. Ltd.. Approximately 200 BASF colleagues participated in the event during their lunch break and were able to see how the Hexamoll® DINCH plasticizer has been deployed to create a plethora of safe, innovative, fashionable products, including in toys, gloves and erasers. This time, our colleagues were the customers – and BASF’s customers did the selling.

“Feedback from our customers Mattel Inc., LZ Stationery Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang East Asia Glove Co. Ltd. were positive,” remarked Vivien Xu, Regional Marketing Management, Petrochemicals Asia Pacific. “This event was an ideal touchpoint for us to collaborate and create a win-win situation whereby we are raising awareness of Hexamoll® DINCH’s applications within our employee community, thereby equipping them as brand ambassadors and product advocates.”

This event was an innovative way to facilitate interaction between BASF’s customers and a wider group of BASF colleagues at our Shanghai site; it also enabled our customers to obtain instant feedback on their products. Simultaneously, our colleagues got a good deal on their purchases.


Last Update August 22, 2019