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Polyamide 6.6 - Ultramid® A and Ultramid® AC

A range of Polyamide 6.6s for various applications including for automobile parts, assorted textiles, industrial, construction & electronic applications and for oil and gas transportation.

Our Ultramid® A grades represent the functionalized polyamide range of differentiated and additivated polyamide 6.6. Applications include textiles, fibers, industrial yarns and engineering plastics. Furthermore, Ultramid® A is suitable for a vast array of applications in engineering plastics, textile and industrial yarns and performance fibers. Our Ultramid® A is known for its exceptional properties (thermal, impact and mechanical resistances), is easily processable and ready to be compounded. 


Our Ultramid® AC grades are a collection of co-polymers and long chain polyamides, developed to serve the most demanding needs and to bring outstanding dimensional stability and thermal resistance to applications. They are suitable for compounding and spinning processes and benefit from the best performance/cost ratio. 


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