Polyamides and Intermediates

Our portfolio with a reduced carbon footprint 


The Cradle-to-Gate (“from resource extraction to the factory gate”) PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) takes into account all greenhouse gas emissions generated in the process – from the extraction of resources through the manufacture of the precursors and the production of the end product itself to the point where it leaves the com- pany. A Cradle-to-Grave PCF covers the entire life cycle of the product, including emissions from the from the use phase and the end of the product‘s lifecycle. 

Our portfolio comprises the following products with reduced carbon footprint: 

  • Ultramid® Ccycled®
  • Ultramid® BMB 
  • Adipic acid BMB 
  • Our standard Ultramid portfolio on a fossil basis with competitive PCF values 

One example is BASF‘s biomass balance approach, in which fossil resources in the production Verbund are replaced by renewable raw materials from organic waste and vegetable oils and allocated to the sales product by calculation.

Another example of the application of the mass balance approach is the ChemCycling® project. Since 2020, BASF has been offering its customers the first commercial quantities of products for which chemically recycled plastic waste is used at the start of production. BASF sales products from both approaches have the same properties as products purely based on fossil l raw materials – but with a lower carbon footprint. 

Frank Reil
Head of Marketing, BASF SE