Polyamides and Intermediates

Ultramid® Biomass Balance (BMB)

Virgin-quality Polyamide derived from renewable raw material.

Reduce your carbon footprint significantly by saving fossil ressources with Ultramid® Biomass Balance.

Ultramid® Biomass Balance opens up opportunities to create more sustainable products – without the need to change your production setup. By using Ultramid® Biomass Balance, the PCF can be cut up to more than 50% vs. standard Ultramid®. BASF has developed a sustainable drop-in approach to derive products from bio-circular waste materials: 

Certified renewable feedstock, that is not in competition with the food chain, is used to replace fossil resources at the beginning of the production process and is then allocated to sales products in the respective quantities via mass balance chain of custody (comparable to green electricity). Without any compromises on quality or performance you can signifi cantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. The widely applicable BMB approach is already implemented into BASF’s Ultramid range as well as intermediates portfolio (e.g. adipic acid).


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Paul Neumann
Dr. Paul Neumann
NBD & Sustainability Polyamides Europe