Polyamides and Intermediates
Polyamides and Intermediates

Polyamides for Fibers: Tailoring fabric to your imagination

Yarns made from Ultramid® (polyamide 6) spinning polymers are the basis for clothing, sportswear, floor coverings, industrial yarns etc. With the different grades in the Ultramid B range, we are able to meet these special requirements.


This polymer is like no other. Tight tolerances in viscosity and amino end groups, together with excellent melt stability, guarantee optimum homogeneous spinning and are the basis for even dyeing and problem-free texturing. Ultramid®  B supports a smooth, consistent spinning process.

Ultramid® B24 N (PA 6)

For high performance textiles: Ultramid® B24 N (PA 6) N-polymers

Ultramid® B27 (PA 6)

All-rounders with enormous variety: Ultramid® B27 (PA 6) grades

Ultramid® Biomass Balance

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