Polyamides and Intermediates

Ultramid® B27 (PA 6)

All-rounders with enormous variety: Ultramid® B27 (PA 6) grades

Applications which require a higher relative viscosity (RV=2.7) can be perfectly produced with Ultramid® B27 (Polyamide 6). For many years the Ultramid® B27 grades have been the preferred choice for high-end polyamide carpets. Characteristics of Ultramid® B27 grades are a large color variety, robustness, longevity and recyclability.

Carpets made of Ultramid® B27 do not lose their resilience. They can withstand even the toughest stress of the type encountered in places such as hotels, airports and public buildings. They remain in excellent shape for a long time and thus provide more living comfort.

Properties at a glance

  • Huge versatility in applications
  • Controlled level of amino end groups
  • Smooth processing

Shear viscosity of Ultramid® B27 (Polyamide 6)


Tenacity versus draw ratio

One of the key applications of our Ultramid® B27 (Polyamide 6) products is the manufacture of high quality floor coverings. Physical advantages like high resistance to wear and excellent recovery properties as well as easy-to-clean and anti-stain properties have convinced customers all over the world. Environmental issues are becoming more and more important: carpets made of Ultramid® B27 have a longer lifetime and they need less energy during production.

However, carpets are not the only segment where Ultramid® B27 can show its strength. More and more customers value the homogeneity and extraordinary quality consistency of this product that make it a perfect match for the exciting world of microfilaments produced with the help of bicomponent spinning technology. Precision of hardware and material is a must in this segment – no problem for Ultramid® B27. 

Besides microfibers this extremely versatile polymer allows almost every fiber construction, from textile monofilaments to semitechnical yarns of medium denier and tenacity.