Polyamides and Intermediates

Ultramid® B24 N (PA 6)

For high performance textiles: Ultramid® B24 N (PA 6) N-polymers


Low viscosity Ultramid® B24 N-polymers (Polyamide 6) are perfect for textile fibers. The advantages of polyamide fibers like strength and durability are combined with the wearing comfort and lightness of apparel. This allows superior quality textiles for premium class hosiery and swimwear and also for high-tech outdoor garments.

The collaboration is part of BASF’s ChemCyclingTM project which focusses on chemically reprocessing post-consumer plastic waste on an industrial scale. The pyrolysis oil is fed into the BASF Verbund in Ludwigshafen, thereby replacing fossil resources. The share of recycled raw material is allocated to certain products manufactured in the Verbund by using a third-party audited mass balance approach. The products which carry the name suffix “CcycledTM” have the exact same properties as those manufactured from fossil feedstock. Customers can therefore further process them in the same way as conventionally manufactured products and use them in applications with high demands regarding quality and performance, such as automotive parts.

Properties at a glance

  • Huge versatility in processing
  • High speed production
  • Outstanding spinning yield

The outstanding properties of the BASF N-polymer generation afford advantages to the whole textile value chain:
✓ Spinners benefit from highest yarn qualities at economical yields even under challenging conditions like high processing speeds and fine deniers
✓ Warp knitters, weavers and circular knitters appreciate the high yarn tenacity, uniformity and trouble-free processing properties of Ultramid based yarns
✓ Dyers and finishers are pleased by the homogenous and brilliant dye shades achieved with Ultramid-based fabrics
✓ Consumers love the high quality combined with fashionable look and natural feel of these garments