Extrusion Applications

Ultramid® extrusion grades are offered in a wide variety of combinations of viscosity and additives

Ultramid® provides high resistance to lubricants, engine fluids, hydraulic and radiator oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and many other solvents – even at elevated temperatures. Therefore tubes for central lubrication systems, fuel and oil pipes, pneumatic and hydraulic control lines and Bowden cables are produced utilizing high viscosity grades like Ultramid® B40 L (PA 6), which is also suitable for corrugated tubes for the automotive industry.


As the global leader in polyamide for building wire jacketing, BASF knows what it takes to succeed in this industry. By replacing a large portion of the PVC insulation with a thin layer of durable, abuse-resistant Ultramid® nylon, performance increases while costs decrease. BASF’s polyamide does not only provide a higher level of abrasion resistance, end-use temperature rating, and hydrocarbon resistance, but also reduces PVC consumption, overall cost and weight.