Ultramid® Biomass Balance (BMB)

Reducing fossil resource consumption and product carbon footprint without compromising on quality and performance


Meet Ultramid® Biomass balance (BMB), our line for products with attributed renewable feedstock.

Already years ago, we have broken new ground with the development of the biomass balance process for the use of renewable feedstocks in the chemical industry. We use renewable raw materials at the beginning of our value chain, thereby replacing fossil resources.

Differentiate yourself from your competition by developing new products with Ultramid® BMB

Replace fossil with recycled feedstock: reduce fossil resource consumption by using renewable feedstock like bio-methane or bio-naphtha in the production process

Smaller product carbon footprint: Ultramid® BMB products have a smaller product carbon footprint compared to conventional fossil-based products. The cradle-to-gate PCF is calculated according to Together for Sustainability methodology, accounting for biogenic uptake.

Virgin-quality output: Ultramid® Ccycled® products have the exact same properties as conventional materials without attributed renewable feedstock.

Drop-in solution: never change a running system! You can process our Ccycled® products in the same reliable way as our conventional products. You can use them in applications with high demands on quality, hygiene, and performance, be it in food packaging, yarns, compounds for automotive applications and many more.


With our biomass balance approach, renewable resources such as bio-naphtha or biomethane derived from organic waste are used as feedstock in the very first steps of chemical production. The bio-based feedstock share is attributed to specific products certified according to recognized mass balance schemes. 

Both the mass balance procedure, by which the proportion of renewable feedstock is attributed to the product, and the BMB products themselves are audited by independent certification bodies and certified according to well established schemes, such as REDcert2 or ISCC PLUS.


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